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Source: Perspective Vo9 No1 © Perspective 2001

Publisher: St Manly’s Anglican Church, Sydney, Australia
Reviewer: Loren Becroft

What do Dracula, Captain Cook and Easter have in common? Where are all the men? What happens when Christians sin? Well, you’ll find the answers to all these questions and more at

Gracenotworks (aka GNW) is put together by a team of young, creative, switched-on, gospel-minded guys who are keen to encourage and equip Christians all over the world to effectively share the good news of eternal life. The laid back evangelistic style of those involved on the team is reflected in every aspect of GNW and this makes it an extremely friendly site.

Every two months a new collection of articles, written by evangelicals from around Australia and focusing issues that are central to the gospel, are posted on the web site. These articles look at issues such as grace, prayer, predestination, and the resurrection from a challenging, biblical perspective. The site also contains creative articles, focusing on issues like godliness in the arts and aspects of music in ministry, as well as a “dust stir” which delves into areas of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, that are a little “dusty”.

The theological side of the site takes a slight twist in the form of something that’s called obscurantus. Obscurantus is a Bible-based crossword competition that offers some excellent theological resources as prizes. Even if competitions aren’t your style, the crosswords challenge your knowledge of the Bible and are great to do over coffee with a friend.

By explaining somewhat complex theological issues, such as predestination, in every day English the articles not only equip Christians by giving them a better understanding of the concept but also give non-Christians an insight to what we believe. Another evangelistic part of the site is an easy to follow explanation of the gospel that traces the salvation story from creation to the cross.

GNW comes highly recommended and is definitely a useful resource for anyone involved in sharing the gospel.

Loren Becroft

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