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In chess there is a ploy called “King’s Gambit”...

Source: Perspective Vol8 No3 © Perspective 2000

In chess there is a ploy called “King’s Gambit”. The idea of a gambit is that you send out a piece knowing that it will be killed, but with the idea of getting a tactical advantage and so winning the game. The thing about the “King’s Gambit” is that, although it may sound like it, it’s not the King but the King’s Bishop’s Pawn that goes out to die. That may be confusing – but it isn’t to a chess player. Everyone who has ever played chess knows it couldn’t be the king sent out to die, because if the king dies, the game ends and you lose! The stunning thing about Christmas is that with this King’s Gambit God did send out the King himself to die – even though a dead king usually means losing the game. Even more amazing is the fact that the king dies so that the pawns can live.

Peter Moore

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