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Lights, Camera, Action ·

SCOTT MUIR shares some illustration idea from the big (and little) screen.

Source: Perspective Vol10 No3&4 © Perspective 2002

Out of the mouths of babes... ·

A bunch of great quotes from kids illustrating wisdom and some the ‘secret’ of marriage.

Source: Perspective Vol10 No2 © Perspective 2002

Peace is peace only when it's accepted ·

Drawn from the harsh reality of war, a useful illustration for us accepting God’s offer of peace through Jesus.

Source: Perspective Vol10 No2 © Perspective 2002

Jesus and the Easter Bunny ·

A bunch of illustrations egg-axctly right for Easter.

Source: Perspective Vol9 No4 © Perspective 2002

Standing In ·

Another illustration for substitutionary atonement.

Source: Perspective Vol8 No4 ©Perspective 2001

Neglected Treasure ·

Put Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” to good use…

Source: Perspective Vol8 No4 © Perspective 2001

A Christmas Parable ·

Ready for next Christmas…

Source: Perspective Vol8 No4 © Perspective 2001

Hit and Myth ·

Our world is full of myths or misunderstands that we like to hold on to even though the evidence against them is overwhelming.

Source: Perspective Vol8 No3 © Pearl Beach Press 2000

King's Gambit ·

In chess there is a ploy called “King’s Gambit”...

Source: Perspective Vol8 No3 © Perspective 2000

Disconnecting from life support ·

The hazards of becoming indifferent to danger…

Source: Perspective Vol8 No2 ©Perspective 2000

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This is simply a collection of illustrations and stories that can used in sermons, talks or other occasions.
Many are connected to pasages in the Bible, but some are not.

It may be appropriate to acknowledge the source of these when using them in your own material.

Got a good illustration or story? Submit it to the site! See the Contact page for details.