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TONY ROWBOTHAM writes on developing a theology of work.
Source: Perspective Vo9 No1 © Perspective 2001

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1. Aim of the Paper

In the past, I haven’t thought much about the positives of work. Nor have I been comfortable with the reasons others have given for being positive about work. Hence, work has been a relatively unexamined doctrine for me. Personally, I’m just trying to answer two questions:

What can we say that is positive about work?

What are the theological connections between work and ministry of Christ? Do we have any at the moment?

2. Working Assumptions

This is just to let you know the assumptions working in my head as I write this paper. You will notice their fingerprints throughout the paper and they significantly affect the outcome of what anyone thinks about the place and significance of work.

_(a) Creation and redemption relationship_

Creation and redemption cannot be pitted against one another, nor is one independent of the other. That is, we cannot consider the issue of work from a creational/Edenic perspective alone, nor approach work from a redemptive perspective alone. This I consider to be a common mistake and it led me to jot down the following statements when considering the creation/redemption relationship:

Appendix – Unexamined and Troublesome Ideas

Tony Rowbotham

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