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Looking for help with the weekly children’s talk? Here’s a pre-packaged training guide with plenty of concrete advice from CATHY TUCKER.

Source: Perspective Vol3 No1 ©Perspective 1999

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Bear in mind ….

Little kids can only handle one idea at a time and are very concrete (rather than abstract) thinkers. ie., they ideally want to see, touch and experience to learn rather than just hear. So our task – talking about God who cannot be seen or heard audibly, often in the context of historical events – is going to be hard and need careful preparation to be successful….But it can be done !!

The best kids talks are…

Simple – just one main idea that you can say in a simple sentence

Be well prepared..

as you can see from the above, all of these attributes will take thought and preparation – only ad lib if you are very confident.

If you’re reading a book as a talk…

Some tips on crowd control


enjoy it – it can be a great delight to watch a child’s eyes widen in surprise at something amazing Jesus did, or a smile spread across their face when you remind them that they can talk to God anytime.

Cathy Tucker is married to Craig, and organises the children’s ministry at their church.

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