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Two Parables from Luke ::

LUKE TATTERSALL offers some insights on 2 parables – Good Samaritan and the Rich Fool.
Source: Perspective Online © Perspective 2006

I thought I’d offer you some insights on 2 parables – Good Samaritan and the Rich Fool. We’ve been preaching through the Travel Narrative in Luke.
It’s been great to slow down and take in the view as we go through this wonderful Gospel. Simon, Costa & I have been sharing the preaching load through the series. I got to preach on the rather familiar passage of the Good Samaritan and Rich Fool. It is fascinating to look at them in their context and see what comes before and what follows.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan or How to Mess with the Head of a Legalist – Luke 10:25-41

Not what I thought it was saying …

Who is doing the Asking?

The Legalist Mindset

The Parable

Mary & Martha

Lessons from the Legal Expert & Martha

The Parable of the Rich Fool Or Affluenza: When Too Much is Not Enough – Luke 12:13-48


The Man God Considers a Fool

How should we view Possessions?

How should we view the Future?

Where is Your Treasure?

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