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Four Wedding & A Funeral - Wedding #4 ::

As the Minister of a University congregation in Canberra, DAVID McDONALD has plenty of opportunities to preach at weddings! Here is the outline of the first of four gospel-based sermons that have proven particularly effective, based on Deuteronomy 4:39-40

Source: Perspective Vo5 No1 ©Perspective 1999

All five sermons in PDF format:

“So much to Remember” – Deuteronomy 4:39-40

When it comes to weddings there is so much to remember.

So much to remember, it’s incredible that people ever get married at all!

And that’s just the beginning. After that there’s the honeymoon.

Then there’s the presents.

There’s a lot to remember when it comes to weddings. The questions we need to ask are:-

Do you need to remember who’s here? That’s important. It’s nice to remember. Photos help. Do you need to remember who did what? That’s important too. You want to be able to say thankyou. But is there something more important, something you should never forget? YOUR VOWS. They are important.

Andrew and Sarah you have said to me – to each of us here – there is something even MORE important than that. Turn back in your programmes. Andrew and Sarah wanted me to read this. READ Deut verses 39-40

What’s going on here? These are strange words to read at a wedding; even

stranger to preach on! This is a big day in the life of Israel. A day they had been waiting 40 years for. Let me give you a very quick history lesson: A long time ago… the time of the pyramids… slaves in Egypt… Moses… the people of Israel set free… promised land… 11 day hike… but it took 40 years. They disobeyed God… grumbled and complained… even turned to other gods. Finally, 40 years later, another opportunity to enter the promised land.

The message is “THIS TIME, GET IT RIGHT!” These are important words: “Take them to heart”

Andrew and Sarah, this is a big day for you. Take to heart these words. If you remember nothing else this day, remember these words. What does he say? READ verse 39

The One who made you, the One who saved you from slavery in Egypt, the One you call the LORD – he is the God of the whole universe, in fact, no other God exists.

Andrew and Sarah, the one who made you, saved you from your sins (selfishness, death, separation from God) – he is the God of the whole universe.

We have come here today before God. Grasp who he is. This is saying that God is God everywhere. There is nowhere that he is not God. He is not just God over Australia, Canberra. But also over Pakistan, Korea, Africa, Europe. He is not just God over religious people. But God over all, whether they go to church or not. He is not just God over certain types of activities such as prayer, Bible study, singing. But he is God over life at work, study, cooking, cleaning, shopping, sexual relationship, sport.

Israel were called to remember the God who saved them. Andrew and Sarah, you are called to remember the God who saved you. The one who created this universe. The One who rescued Israel, who gave his only Son to die, who raised Jesus from the dead; the One you read about in the Bible, who you both know personally… HE IS GOD OVER ALL.

READ verse 39-40. God speaks to his people. Israel had heard God on the mountain. They had been given the ten commandments. They are going to hear God speak again. Moses addresses them, “This is the way fellas.” “You want the good life, you want the best you can get? Then listen up!”

Again, this is pretty remote, ancient history. How does God speak to us now?

God made his word absolutely clear – in JESUS CHRIST – there’s the full expression of himself. And God will continue to speak to you, Andrew and Sarah, in his written down, living and active word – the BIBLE.

And the message here is GOD’S WORD OFFERS YOU THE BEST WAY TO LIVE. Andrew and Sarah, you want the absolute best that marriage has to offer. I want it for you. Your parents want it for you. Everyone here wants it for you. What will give it to you? The answer is OBEDIENCE TO THE WORD OF GOD.

Doesn’t sound that clever, that sophisticated, does it? It’s not like “10 steps to a perfect marriage”. Or “The 7 habits of highly effective partnerships.” It’s just the Bible. It’s unpopular. Some will ridicule the idea of the Bible offering the way to live. They’ll say it’s out of date, culture bound, oppressive to women, restrictive to men, idealistic, superstitious, nonsense, irrelevant. There will be many challenges. You will be tempted NOT to believe that God’s way is best.

It will come in many forms. You will be told you need equal rights, to draw line. But you’re to give up your rights to serve each other. You’ll be told to be assertive. But you’re called to be humble. You’ll be told to chase after financial security. But you’re called to store up treasures in heaven. You’ll be persuaded to think that sex is about self gratification. But God says it’s a profound expression of love for your partner. You’ll be encouraged to stay together only as long as love lasts. But God says to love continually so the marriage does last.

The pressures will get subtle. You’ll be told to put each other first. But God says put him first.

Andrew and Sarah, you also chose Ephesians 5:22-33 to be read. It offers the best advice on marriage available today. GIVE A VERY BRIEF SUMMARY.

You know these things to be true. You chose this passage to be read. Fill your minds with these words. They’re not popular. They’re not considered ‘enlightened’. They’re not ‘90s. They’re not where it’s at.

But Andrew and Sarah, don’t be conned. This is EXACTLY WHERE IT’S AT. The blueprint for the best marriage you could ever have. Read it, memorise it, study it, talk about it together. But most of all, PUT IT INTO PRACTICE. In fact, put the whole of God’s word into practise “so that it may go well with you and your children.”

Andrew and Sarah, as you look back on today, don’t worry if you can’t remember everyone who’s here. I wouldn’t even worry if you forget exactly who did what.

But, please remember this. The God who sent his son, Jesus, to save you, is God over everything – there is no other. And remember – following his Word is the best way to live.

David McDonald is the pastor of CrossRoads Christian Church in Canberra, and AFES chaplain to students at Canberra University and ANU.

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